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Welcome to Side Dishes!

Hope you’re enjoying the new, updated edition of The Well-Fed Writer. When it came to combining two 300-page books into one roughly 350-pager, it meant offloading some of the content to the web. Hence, this juicy array of side dishes.

Click on the desired menu listing below to view the content (in PDF format).

Titles of links are as they appear in TWFW followed by the corresponding page number in book. Hope you enjoy!

A Savory ‘Well-Fed Writing’ Scenario (p. 8)

Sales Stories (p. 47)

“Case-Study-Style” Direct Mail Pieces (p. 164)

“How I Used LinkedIn to Get a 41% Response Rate and 6 New Clients.” (p. 203)

“Are You Making These Mistakes on Your LinkedIn Profile?” (p. 203)

Sell Your Soul! – a Primer for Ex-Journalists and Ex-Academics (p. 242)

Speech Sample from Erick Dittus: Siemens (p. 267)

Speech Sample from Erick Dittus: Georgia Power (p. 267)

Speech Sample from Erick Dittus: Chrysler (p. 267)

General Well-Fed Success Stories – Full Text (p. 301)

At-Home Mom & Dad Success Stories – Full Text (p. 301)

To view these files, you’ll need a PDF reader. To download the latest version of Adobe Reader, click here or the Foxit Reader click here

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