“Well-Fed Writer Blog” Subscribers: PLEASE UN-Subscribe and RE-Subscribe

As many of you might know, I recently updated my blog to a new theme. In the wake of it, some subscribers reported having trouble viewing the email feeds.

I’ve since switched from Feedburner (the feed mechanism through which virtually all of you who get email notifications of new posts get those notifications) to Feedblitz. Feedburner has basically become an unsupported platform. SO…

To continue enjoying The Well-Fed Writer Blog, please UN-subscribe from the Feedburner feed (there should be a mechanism for doing so somewhere on the email notification page you received of THIS post).

Then, once unsubscribed, just re-subscribe in the subscribe box in the right-hand-side column of the blog’s main page or any post’s page for that matter (and you’ll now be subscribing via the FeedBlitz platform).

Thanks for your patience, understanding and collaboration during this transition!

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  1. Katherine Swarts
    Katherine Swarts says:

    15 minutes later: I think I’ve got it: the sidebar labeled “subscribe to future well-fed blog articles.” Don’t know why the “blog’s main page” link took me to a technical-aspects page on the first try.

  2. Peter Bowerman
    Peter Bowerman says:

    Thanks Katherine! And I got one email asking if this was legit – that the screen asking you to switch over looked like “phishing.” Definitely legit – just trying to put the blog on more stable ground, platform wise! PB

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