How NOT to Build Customer Loyalty…

Last year, I leased a postage meter from the company that shares my initials. Their introductory special offer became more understandable after seeing the bloated prices they charged for supplies. Some time back, I started getting regular “Low Ink!” warnings on the meter. Their cost to replace the slightly-bigger-than-a-pack-of-Tic-Tacs-sized cartridge? $47 + $8.50 shipping (UPS Ground). 56 bucks. On a whim, I called my neighborhood Cartridge World (, a low-cost, high-service, friendly cartridge refiller franchise (from Down Under, incidentally…). $28 refilled, drive-out price. But it gets better.

When I handed it over to the guy at CW, he started walking to the back of the store, then stopped, hefted it gently, and said, “This doesn’t feel empty.”? He knew exactly what it should weigh both full and empty, and a few moments later, he comes back: “It’s still about one-third to one-half full.” Nice. Thanks, guys.

Oh, and up yours, PB (them, PB, not me, PB), for hoping I’d just do as I was told and toss roughly $20-25 worth of ink and pony up another 56 clams. I’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall at THAT meeting: “I know, we’ll set the machines to give premature low-ink warnings so we’ll increase ink sales by 37.56%! Wow, what a genius! Give him a raise!” Guess it never occurred to them that they’ve got competition on supplies, and even worse, honest folks who can bust them SO easily. Not smart. And now I’m writing about it. So they lose my supplies business along with that of probably a bunch of others, too.

P.S. I finally returned for a replacement cartridge nearly four months later.

P.P.S. When it came time to order mailing strips, THEY wanted over $80 for two boxes of double strips – delivered. Got the same thing from a competitor for $22 – to my door.

How do you make sure your copywriting clients keep coming back to you instead of going to the competition?

Ta-Da! We Have TWFW Blog Liftoff…

Blog Post #1. I know, it’s about freakin’ time I did a blog, but better (years) late than never, I suppose. Over the past few years, I’d looked around, saw the unending din of cyber-blather filling the airwaves, and asked myself, “Do I have something worthwhile to add or will I just be making more noise”? I guess I decided I could bring some value to the copywriting conversation, but ultimately, you, my readers will make that call.

Speaking of YOU, my readers, just as you’re crucial to the success of my ezine, The Well-Fed EPUB (, providing me with a steady stream of ideas, tips, strategies and success stories since it kicked off in May 2002, your “in-the-trenches”? experiences will build this blog as well.

Got a good story, a great project outcome, something that’s worked (OR crashed-and-burned), an incandescent epiphany about the business, or any other piece of useful flotsam or jetsam you think your fellow commercial freelancers would dig? AND ideally, help all of us make more money in the biz? Lay it on me at and I’ll throw it out there. And remember: BREVITY. After all, as copywriters, we all know how to write succinctly, right?

I’ll offer up new entries no more than three times a week, but more like two, and I’ll keep ‘em on the short side. Thanks for all your support along the way. Let’s see where this thing goes…


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