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In my roughly two decades in this business, I've crossed paths with countless commercial freelancers. Most have built their businesses in different ways and using different approaches than I have. And many of them, when they discover and fine-tune a strategy that's been exceptionally successful in putting some good money in their pocket, or perhaps make their professional life easier or less stressful, they put all the how-to details on paper to share with others. And yes, make a few bucks in the process. 

No one writer can have all, or even most of the answers to building a financially profitable commercial writing business. Rather, by gathering as many "best practices" as possible from as many practitioners as possible, and all in one place, we give more of us a chance to succeed.

That's what The Well-Fed Partner Pantry is all about. I know and trust the writers whose products you'll find below, have personally reviewed those products, and am satisfied that, when used diligently, offer far more value to my fellow commercial freelancers than their asking price.


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(NOTE: Some of the products I sell right here on the site; for others, you'll be linked to another site for all the details.)



Pondering the Leap to Commercial Freelancing While Working a Full-Time Job?

Check this out. Atlanta FLCW Ed Gandia built a part-time commercial writing biz while working full-time in software sales. In his first full year as a writer, he grossed over $163K. As such, Ed knows a LOT about preparing, mentally and financially, to make the big transition, and he’s turned that knowledge into a great ebook called "Stop Wishing and Start Earning." No theoretical fluff, just the real deal from someone who's been there and done it.


Ed describes the ebook as, "all about how to create and execute an action plan to make the leap as safely as possible. It involves all critical areas, including goal setting, finances, self-promotion, balancing a job and a part-time freelance career, etc."


Check it out at http://www.StopWishingandStartEarning.com



How One Writer Turned a Free Report into $80K in New Business (and counting…)

Great story. Pete Savage, a B2B (business-to-business) software/technology copywriter near Toronto was tired of dealing with too many small-ticket, time-sucking clients, and decided to go after the steady, low-hassle, high-dollar ones he really wanted. He put together a free report with a sales letter, sent it to just 77 people, and it generated $64,000 in new business in 12 months (80K+ in 15 months).


Pete's put together a 66-pager outlining all the how-to detail of this $80K+ promotional coup. Pete is a no-BS, no-hype guy, and this is a solid blueprint.

UPDATE (2016): Pete is no longer selling this product, having gotten out of the info-product game. But, he's authorized me to market it on his behalf. If you'd like to see the table of contents and intro, email me, and I'll send it on. Original cost was $97, but Pete's agreed to let me sell it for $69.



Getting Nowhere on Elance, but Sure There's Well-Paying Work There?

I've never been a big fan of online job sites like Elance. com to find well-paying commercial writing gigs. But, I also know that a small group of folks ARE making it happen on Elance. Trish Lambert is one of them (and I profile her in TWFW for that reason). Trish is such a fan of Elance as a viable source of freelance revenue that she wants to "share the wealth." She offers Elance Express 1 on 1, a course to help newbies or those who've tried the board with disappointing results get some serious financial traction for a change.


She believes strongly in the site and takes a more-the-merrier view of her course: more high-quality providers on Elance will attract more high-quality buyers. Trish also makes this eyebrow-raising commitment to course participants: Work the course, and you’ll at least triple the course fee within six months of completion or she’ll keep working with you until you do. Sweet deal in my book. Check out the course details at http://bit.ly/elancecourse. 


Make Your Copy Shine—Every Time, with “The Easy Editing and Spiffy Style Guide” - NOW FREE!
Your clients want your words to work for them, double-time. But if there’s a typo in the middle of the call to action, or a grammatical glitch where you’re trying to collect their customer’s cash, your words will wobble. And your client’s confidence in you will walk. No need to hire an outside editor: Arm yourself with the editing skills to make your words do all the heavy lifting your clients need. Whether you write white papers, web content, case studies or commercials, The Write Word Editing and Style Guide gives you the copyediting chops to make your words work.

PB: Really like this free guide from Tom Bentley: Highly useful, well written, lighthearted, with tons of real-world examples, suggestions, advice, AND answers to all those “what-was-that-rule-again?” linguistic challenges we all face. Your copy can’t help but improve by using it. Check it out here.


Help Companies Tell Their Stories, Collect $125 - 300 an hour (an AWAI program)

Success-story marketing is one of today’s hottest trends in business-to-business selling. Few things help sell a product or service than a good success story or case study. And in AWAI’s new program, Writing Case Studies: How to Make a Great Living by Helping Clients Tell Their Stories, seasoned case study writer Ed Gandia shows you step-by-step how to plan, write, price and win lucrative case study projects ... how to complete them in just 5 – 7 hours ... and how to net a cool $125 – $300 PER HOUR every time you write one.


PB Note: This is an amazingly thorough program. Ed’s really thought of everything. He maps it all out in an easy-to-get-through, but meaty series of audio and video lessons. He includes more than a dozen worksheets, handouts, questionnaires and checklists along with his actual framework for tackling and completing these projects efficiently (and apparently this is the first time he’s ever shared his “process”). I’m used to solid products from Ed, and this is no exception. And having done case studies for yours, I know for a fact that you can routinely make the rates he talks about there. 


For more details: http://www.awaionline.com/d2/casestudies/



You'll Get Paid More to Write a Couple of These 7-Page Documents Than Most Authors Earn from a 300-Page Book (an AWAI program)

The rapid growth of content-based marketing among Business-to-Business (B2B) companies has created a huge demand for educational white papers. Yet, very few commercial writers know how to land and write these pieces. Which is why those who do can command $3,000 – $6,000 for writing 5 – 10 pages of content.


In How to Write White Papers that Command Top Fees, Steve Slaunwhite and Ed Gandia show you everything you need to know to get started in the world of white paper writing. You’ll learn how to write them faster. How to price them right. And how to market yourself effectively as a white paper writer.


PB Note: I’ve known both Ed and Steve for years. These guys are true straight arrows, genuinely interested in having you succeed, and the products they create are solid. They operate in the fluff-free, filler-free, B.S.-free, hype-free zone. And believe me, I can’t say that about a lot of “gurus” out there. Nothing theoretical here: just clear, step-by-step formulas and strategies — directly from two seasoned and highly successful white paper writers.


For more details: http://www.awaionline.com/d2/whitepapers/


“Profitable - By Design! Tapping the Writer/Designer Partnership Goldmine" - Ebook - Details
Not a "partner product" (i.e., since I - Peter Bowerman - created it!), but one definitely based on "partnership" and one of my most popular recent offerings. Nearly 70 pages of how-to detail for creating your own low-maintenance income stream by partnering with graphic designers - something I've done with great success for nearly 18 years! Check it out at the "Details" link above. 

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