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Well-Fed Group Coaching Testimonials

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"The thing about Peter you must know is not that he's one of the best copywriters I've ever met (he is); not that his teaching and coaching is straightforward, practical, and oriented toward the group's needs (it is); and not that he encourages the group to learn from one another and share resources (he does). The thing about Peter that you must know is that he is incredibly generous.

“One particular moment directly relevant to my practice was Peter's giving us an extra half-hour each session (advertised as 90 minutes, but he routinely went to 120). I thought, 'Hmmm, he invests that 30 minutes and I, the student, feel like I've received something more, something valuable.' I immediately wrote to a client, a university professor proposing a new course, and offered to copy edit her cover letter at no charge. Sure enough, same effect: priceless goodwill and relationship-building. Just do it!"

Gail Schwartz, Quebec, Canada

“Peter’s Well-Fed Group Coaching was jam-packed with 'aha' moments for me. From the first class, I identified tangible opportunities for improvement in my approach to commercial writing. Some insights - such as the importance of a direct, explanatory message on homepage copy, and the difference between B2B and B2C web writing more generally - now seem bafflingly obvious, despite several years of working in the space without making much of a distinction.

“There is simply no substitute for a real-time, hands-on, interactive workshop with an expert in the field. Having read Peter’s The Well-Fed Writer right after college, he was something of a rockstar to me. 


“Perhaps my biggest 'aha' of the course - and I ONLY could have gotten this from a course like this - was really understanding that Peter is just a regular guy who committed to understanding the art and science of copywriting. While rare, there’s nothing mythical about the hard work and dedication he’s applied to achieve success in this field. 


“In sum, Well-Fed Group Coaching picked up where The Well-Fed Writer left off - for me, it was the perfect avenue to get my questions answered, receive feedback on my work, and plan the next phase of my writing career. Thanks, Peter!” 


Travis Webster-Booth, Providence, RI


"I have been a full-time commercial freelancer for just over a year now, and I’ve participated in a number of courses that have taught me how to market and build my business. But until now, I haven’t found a course that teaches the building blocks of that business: the 'bricks and mortar' of what I will actually write as a commercial writer.
"Peter’s Well-Fed Group Coaching course was just that, and chock-full of great material. Peter shared and reviewed samples from his own, extensive 23-year professional portfolio of every type of commercial writing, from brochures to case studies, web content to white papers, headlines to sales letters.

"He took time to go through each type of content in detail: structure, key elements of winning copy, what clients are looking for, what type of copy is most effective, and how to interview clients to extract nuggets of copywriting gold. We had the opportunity to try our hand at re-writing actual client pieces, which were then blind-critiqued in class. And Peter gave us a full session of Q&A – where we could ask any question we wanted about the freelance commercial writing biz.
"Peter is a wealth of knowledge, and a generous and empathetic teacher. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to develop their skills and build their confidence in commercial writing."
Ted Goldwyn, Corning, NY

“As a process-oriented technical writer and editor, I've never felt comfortable with marketing. Even though I've read books on the topic and applied the information, I've always felt like something was missing. Fortunately, I found Peter Bowerman's Well-Fed Group Coaching opportunity.

“In addition to providing his own generous instruction and expert feedback to participants, Peter provided my group with cameo appearances from industry experts in case studies, white papers, and SEO. Best of all, I get audio copies of all coaching sessions, so I can refer back to Peter's excellent advice whenever I wish. Highly recommended.”


Marygwyn Horneck, Huntsville, AL




“When I read the description for this series of teleclasses where we would be studying and discussing various type of commercial writing projects, I was instantly intrigued. The sessions Peter conducted did not disappoint! I greatly appreciated his generosity in “pulling back the curtain” so we could examine and deconstruct different types of commercial writing, such as marketing brochures, case studies, and web pages.


“I came away with solid frameworks, strategies, and best practices to “build a case” and engage readers. The addition of a couple of hands-on assignments to create or re-do pieces on our own was invaluable experience.


“As a former technical writer, I appreciated the specific, practical information, all the while learning the “how’s and why’s” of the various approaches we studied. Now I can look at a piece of persuasive writing and see the inherent structure as it builds to a ‘call-to-action.’ I look forward to more practical, hands-on offerings from Peter in the future!”


Linda Tenney, Palm Harbor, FL


"Participating in Peter's course was one of the best investments I've made in my business. Just as advertised, it filled in the one major element of freelance commercial writing not covered in "The Well Fed Writer"—an in-depth look at the types of pieces commercial freelancers typically get hired to write. I seriously was not expecting Peter to present as many samples as he did, and I came away with so much material, I'll  be revisiting it all for months.

"Peter was extremely generous with his time and always willing to answer questions. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to launch their own commercial writing biz, has read TWFW but still isn't quite sure of the types of projects commercial writing entails. Thanks again, Peter, for the time, effort and energy you put into this course."

Jeremy McAbee, Richmond Hill, GA


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“Ever since I read Peter’s first Well-Fed Writer book over 10 years ago, I’ve been a fan of his down-to-earth, conversational style of writing.  But as good as the information in his book was, it wasn’t quite enough … at least not for me.  I learn much better when interacting with others, and when I can do ‘hands-on’ exercises.


“With Peter’s group coaching course, I got to do both!  Getting to see samples of his work, having the chance to rework a client’s copy into effective web content, and then getting feedback on that exercise was invaluable.  Best of all, Peter makes this whole business of freelance commercial copywriting seem a little less scary and a LOT less complicated!”


Chris Wilson, Orangevale, CA



"This was the most useful and practical class I’ve taken on the craft of freelance commercial writing. The best part was when Peter took us through brochures and webpages that he created, explaining in detail why he took the approach he did. He did what he promised—to teach us to “build a case” for something. It gave me real insight into the mind of a first-rate commercial writer.

"While I didn’t submit a sample for the optional writing assignment, listening to Peter (gently) critique others’ samples was extremely helpful and helped me see what makes for good website writing.

"After reading his books, ezine and blog, I was a bit intimidated by the idea of working with Peter, but I found him to be a very down-to-earth guy who immediately made me feel comfortable, even though I was easily the least experienced member of the group. I highly recommend the class. It was money well spent."

Miriam Davis, Montgomery, AL


“The Well-Fed Group Coaching Program packs a ton of practical copywriting instruction, marketing strategies, and industry trends into four concise sessions. Peter encourages creativity and initiative, and provides expert answers to any questions about freelance commercial writing.


“The guided tour of his personal projects helped me understand why particular projects are written and designed in certain ways. He also gave clear and thoughtful suggestions on improving my own writing. I was surprised over how much I learned from other students, and finished the course confident about implementing many of these ideas into my business.” 


Patricia Saya, Rocky Hill, CT




"I thoroughly enjoyed the latest Well-Fed Group Coaching series. Peter is one of the most generous writers I've met, sharing freely his work, marketing letters, and even what he got paid! Peter provides great, solid writing samples to model - essential in this market. And learning about why he chose one headline or lead over another was invaluable. The class moved fast, and had enough variety so it was always interesting. If all you did was study the samples and think about the rationale behind the creative choices, you would dramatically improve your writing."

Stacey Morris, New York, NY

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to study samples of copywriting (with Peter's guidance), which taught me how to identify quality copywriting. The feedback I received on the homework assignment (re-writing web copy and creating a brochure headline) gave me the confidence to feel I indeed could make the transition from article writing to copywriting. Even when I had to miss the Q&A session, Peter made sure that the questions I emailed to him were included during the call. I'll be on the lookout for more courses from Peter.”  

Heather Voight, Schaumberg, IL


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“Peter Bowerman is the Fred Astaire of copywriters. Sure, the internet is filled with self-proclaimed copywriting experts with fancy websites, hyped-up copywriting courses, and inflated promises, but unlike the majority of those snake oil salesmen, Peter is the real deal. As a fan of both his WFW titles, I’d been impressed with Peter’s vast knowledge and down-to-earth accessibility.


“So, when I learned about his coaching group, I jumped at the chance to work with this master of the craft. I’d recently launched a copywriting business, but coming from a background in film and fiction writing, I wasn’t schooled in the different forms of commercial writing and lacked the necessary confidence to market my services with gusto. Well, Peter’s coaching exceeded my expectations!


“By studying actual commercial writing samples and completing writing assignments, I learned about the structure and mechanics of different styles of copy, and in a way that was far more effective and enduring than any “how-to” copywriting book I've ever read. Nothing beat the hands-on experience that Peter’s coaching group provided! And as a coach, Peter is thoughtful, wise, humorous, compassionate and genuinely cares about the progress of his students. Peter’s coaching group was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Highly recommended!


Lisa Blaushild, Beacon, NY


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“Peter’s book, The Well-Fed Writer, has been my constant go-to book as I’ve established my freelance writing and editing business. And, this group-coaching series was absolutely one of the best webinars I’ve ever taken. Peter essentially did a walk-through of the various types of commercial freelance projects a writer is likely to encounter, providing tips and techniques along the way. Even from first session, I was able to take some of his suggestions and immediately use them for a current project. I highly recommend not only his coaching sessions but his books and e-newsletter as well.

“Every coaching experience with Peter Bowerman is better than the next. Peter draws from his years of success to create well-rounded and comprehensive programs. His practical, how-to advice on the craft of copywriting alone is worth the price of the workshop.”

Mary Ellen Landolfi, Tinton Falls, NJ

"I recently completed the Well Fed Writer Group Coaching Program with Peter Bowerman. If you are launching a commercial copywriting business business or you are considering it, I believe this program is a smart investment and well worth it. Peter is very thorough and knowledgeable. I would definitely do it all over again." 

John Nabinger, Marietta, GA

"Peter is excellent to work with, and his coaching course was a rich resource in getting my copywriting business going. Not to mention, a solid confidence booster!"

Luke Hasting, Rogers, AR

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