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The "Well-Fed Writing" Ramble

(and Swimming-Hole Tour)!

July - August 2013


A Roughly Two-Month Road Trip, Headed to Your Town (possibly...) to Celebrate the
Radical Notion of Making a Full-Time Living as a Writer and/or Author! 

This summer, I'm releasing the updated 2013 edition of my 2007 double-award-winning title, The Well-Fed Self-Publisher (TWFSP). The book outlines how I turned one book into a full-time living, and how four books and related products/services have continued to provide that full-time living since 2001. The book, coaching, blog, and book-titling service have helped quite a few authors "put their best book forward."

Meanwhile, I've been a full-time "commercial" writer since 1994 (freelancing for businesses and creative agencies, and for hourly rates of $50-125+). Along the way, my critically acclaimed book, The Well-Fed Writer, along with ezine, blog, ebooks, and  coaching services, have helped launch, support, and guide countless commercial writing careers. 

Together, TWFW and TWFSP honor the idea that you really CAN make a GOOD living with words. So...

I'm hitting the road to spread that message. Along the way, in my own small way, I'm fighting back against the "virtual" world in which we live and work, and actually going face-to-face with writers and authors—current and aspiring—across the country. And, in the process, see the country and shake up my life a bit!

: I'm looking for 12-15 groups (writers, publishers, etc.) interested in hosting me for talks/workshops on commercial writing (a detailed exploration of the lucrative "commercial" writing field, along with the step-by-step "nitty-gritty" of starting your own practice); self-publishing (the process and principles I've employed to create an enduring full-time livelihood from my books/services) OR some combination of the two.

Click here for sample talk/workshop outlines, but know that these aren't carved in stone. If your group wants a different cut on commercial writing or self-publishing, talk to me. I'm open to events any weekday evening (7-9-ish) or even Saturdays (not too early, please, 10-1-ish).

WHERE: It WILL be summer, so with apologies to my fellow southerners, in an effort to beat the heat, I'll be focusing on the northern half of the US*. Can you blame me?

(*That said, given that I'll be leaving/returning to Atlanta, I'm open to an event or two in my neighboring states (TN, SC, NC) on the way out or back in. And if you ARE in the South, and like my idea, let me know you're interested, and I'll put serious thought into organizing a Southern Swing in the fall/winter months.)

That means visiting states in the Northeast, Midwest (esp. MI, MN, WI), the Great Plains, Rockies, Pacific Northwest and the West Coast roughly down to the Bay Area.    

Over the past dozen years or so, thanks to my credentials, the quality of my books and strong reviews from past workshop attendees and organizers, I've been fortunate to be able to attract some well-paying speaking/workshop gigs. Typically, that's meant all travel expenses, plus speaking fees of $500-1500, depending on program/group. 


Given the goal of making it as easy as possible for any group to host my visit, my wish-list for "The Ramble" is modest:

1) $250 speaking fee (suggested; hint: charge $10 or $20 admission, and once the fee is covered, the club keeps the rest...)

(NOTE: Offers to house me for a night or two are greatly appreciated and will be seriously entertained. That said, I've come to like my own space. So, if it's the fold-out couch in the living room you have in mind, I'll probably opt for the Motel 6 (hey, I don't need much...). But, if it's a bit more private (and dare I hope, with its own bath!), I'm all ears.)

2) The opportunity to sell books (AND a volunteer to help handle book sales with me—in return for free stuff—so I can field one-on-one questions, after the session).

3) A gathering of at least 30-35 (and more would be grand...). With only 12-15 appearances, I want to maximize the potential of each. As such, I'll definitely be more favorably inclined towards larger groups (as well as promises of local PR efforts and other gloriously above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty promotional initiatives...).

4) Some scheduling flexibility. Given that this is a cross-country trip, I'll only be in each region during a particular block of time (see rough "where/when" breakdown below). As such, I'd hope groups considering it are open to hosting events that might fall outside their normal meeting cycles.

Any questions on any of the above four points? Give a shout (by email or at 770-438-7200) and we'll talk it through!     

No hefty speaking fees or expenses. Just some help in covering some non-trivial gas, lodging and meal expenses, and maximizing the yield of my visits.



You're talking to an original "water-baby." I loooove me some summer-time swimmin'! As such, I'll be giving special preference to locales with great nearby swimming holes (lakes, rivers, oceans, etc.). And I actually like cold water. Last summer, I swam in the ocean (briefly...) in New Brunswick, Canada (~52 degrees F...) ;)



THE TIMING: July and August 2013 (possibly including the last bit of June. Nothing's etched in concrete, but here's a very rough idea of where I'd like to be and when ... 

Late June - July 15: East Coast, from Georgia to Maine (with a special place in my heart for MA, NH, and ME).

July 15 - July 31: OH, MI, MN, WI, IL, ND, SD (any groups in some pretty lakes regions of MN or the Upper Peninsula of MI?)

August 1 - August 15: The Rockies  (MT, CO, UT, ID)

August 15 - August 30: Pacific Northwest (WA, OR), Northern California

Shoot me an email with your thoughts and we'll take it from there... At this point, I'm just trying to gauge interest on the part of different groups (as opposed to booking events right way). Once I have a better feel for who's interested, and WHERE, I can start planning an itinerary. In the end, I hope to see a lot of beautiful places, put faces with a lot of "e-voices" (many of whom I've been communicating with by email since 2000!), and most importantly, bring what I know to be an important message of "writing possibilities" to a lot of people.

Let's talk. I'm ready to "Ramble"!



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