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"I Want to Be a Pantry Partner!"


Have a report, ebook or other program you've put together that you'd like to market here? One that offers a practical, detailed, and feasible money-making strategy for commercial freelancers? Email me here with your proposal and we'll explore how to turn those ideas into real profits. 

(NOTE: ONLY information geared to freelance commercial writers will be considered. No programs focused on newspaper/magazine writing, poetry, fiction, short-story writing, etc., please.) 

This isn’t a “for-gurus-only” deal, where you have to have written a book. In fact, this may be your first foray into info-products. If so, great! I’ve discovered over the years that some of the juiciest, most practical, most actionable information often comes from the folks in the trenches, who are fighting the battles every day. Is that you? Maybe you’ve got a product you’ve been working on (and on and on and on...). If so, perhaps this’ll be the boost you need to get it done!



Here’s How the Pantry-Partner Program Works...


1) We will split profits on a 50/50 basis.


2) Products may be sold in one of two ways:


Option #1: You sell your product on my site, in which case you provide promo verbiage. You’ll get space on the main listing page for “teaser” copy, as well as a dedicated jump page for your product, where you can provide more in-depth “sell” copy. So, you’ll need to provide both sets of copy ready to go. With this option, products may only be ebooks as PDF documents (no physical products). 


All ebook info-products sold on my site will need to placed in a special Well-Fed Writer-themed template which I will provide. Once inserted in the template, they should be converted to PDF format before sending on (I can handle the conversion if you don’t have the capability to do so).


While the template will “brand “ your info-product as a Well-Fed Writer product (enhancing its legitimacy), at the end of the document, you are free to promote any products and services you wish.


With this option, I’ll forward your profit split within 24 hours of a sale via PayPal (so please provide a PayPal payment email address).


Option #2: You sell your product on your site, with teaser copy on my site, linking to yours to complete the order. With this option, you’ll need to have an affiliate program (some way to track “click-thrus” to your site back to me). You’ll provide me teaser copy and affiliate code


With this option, products may take any form: PDF ebooks or physical products.


With this option, you’ll forward my split via PayPal to peter@wellfedwriter.com.


3) You are free to establish the selling price (though if I think it’s too much/little, I’ll let you know).


4) If you’re selling the product on my site via Option #1, you are free to sell the same product on your own site in your own formatting (no WFW template required), but a) you can’t link to your site in your teaser/sell copy that appears on mine; and b) the price must be the same on your site as it is on mine.


Any other questions? Suggestions? Comments? Contact me here.





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