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A Well-Fed Writer Ebook - by Peter Bowerman



I’m a lucky guy. Just about the time I launched my commercial freelancing career in 1994, I crossed paths with a graphic designer. To say it was an auspicious meeting would be a huge understatement. She liked my writing, and got me in the door of the graphic design firm where she worked. Over the next few years, we collaborated on a bunch of projects through the design firm, developing a solid professional bond in the process.


Given her talent, it was inevitable that she’d launch a solo career. And when she did, what was also inevitable was that we’d work together closely as she built her freelance business. And did we ever...


Over roughly 15 years, it was a rare month when I didn’t pick up one or two jobs from her – work I did little more to land than answer my phone. Okay, not exactly true: there were tangible things I was doing well that had her continue to call me, and over time, I learned what those things were, as well as all the logistics of actually working together.


One day I sat down, did the math, and realized this...


This one solo designer has put more money in my pocket since 1994 than any other client. ANY other client.    


Getting some idea of the power and potential of alliances like these? 


Since then, there have been other designer partnerships, and still more learning AND profits came from those.


So, not too long ago I decided to put all this experience on paper: everything I’ve learned in nearly two decades about this strategy that’s been so incredibly lucrative for me. And all designed to help you create your own “gift that truly keeps on giving.”


Now, I can’t guarantee reading this ebook will ensure results that match mine, but at the very least, you’ll discover how to go about the process and what it takes to become a designer’s “go-to” writer!


Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn in this meaty report…


·  What to look for in a creative partner


·  How to find and contact the right partners (includes samples email templates and phone scripts!)


·  How to become a partner's “go-to” writer


·  How such partnerships can yield steady business with minimal effort


· How finding the right partner can dramatically reduce the necessity of constant and ongoing marketing


· How to become the kind of writer that graphic designers want to work with


· How to be THE writer that designers go out of their way to sell to their clients


· How to endear yourself to a designer to the point where they’ll look for opportunities to hire you


· What three 25-year veteran graphic designers say are the most important qualities they look for when working with writers


· The UN-theoretical real-world facts about what it takes to maximize the financial potential of your creative partnerships


· How forging the right partnerships can open the doors to lucrative high-level commercial writing work with Fortune 500 companies


· The #1 reason why graphic designers hire writers and how to make that work in your favor


· What clients want more than anything, and how a simple change in mindset can give it to them


· How to present what you do for a client in the way guaranteed to get their attention


· What graphic designers’ main challenges are and how to address all of them


· Why good copywriting is such a valuable gift to a graphic designer, and how you can provide that gift


· The qualities that will set you apart in the marketplace, yet which require zero experience and track record to deliver


· The six steps to delivering solid copy that hits the mark, achieves its objectives, and will make you a hero to your designer AND the end client


· One of the key attributes that separate the $40-50 an hour writer from those who earn $100-$125+…


· Real-world samples of copy that designers have loved and why…


And much, much more – nearly 70 info-packed pages! 



Table of Contents 


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