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Profitable By Design!


Tapping the Writer/Designer Partnership Goldmine 



What They're Saying About the Ebook...


"What I like about this guide -- in fact, all Peter's books -- is that it's obvious he cares deeply about helping writers make a good living. He knows what works and explains things clearly; breaking everything down into understandable, 'do-able' steps. That in itself is motivational.

"But what's really exciting is the topic. Over the years, the alliances I've formed with a few key designers have been my best source of referrals and new business. And if you follow Peter's practical advice and you'll learn how to set up these types of alliances yourself."

Steve Slaunwhite, Copywriter
Co-author, “The Wealthy Freelancer”



“If you want to be a truly successful commercial writer, you have to create real leverage in your business. In other words, you have to consistently find opportunities to earn more in less time. Profitable by Design explains one of the best ways to do this: by partnering with the right designers. This e-book is filled with detailed step-by-step instruction and examples. Best of all, it’s based on Bowerman’s extensive experience crafting profitable writer/designer partnerships. No theory, no fluff. Only practical and proven advice, directly from the guy who’s perfected this ‘partnering’ art over the last two decades. I can’t recommend it enough!”


Ed Gandia, Copywriter, Co-founder, International Freelancers Academy
Co-author, “The Wealthy Freelancer”


"If you are exploring a freelance writing career, this book is a must-read. As a designer with 25+ years in the business, this book is right on, in terms of what I look for in a go-to writer. His step-by-step guide accurately outlines what is necessary in forming this important relationship and it works! Our creative alliance has played a key role in sustaining MY successful freelance career for close to 15 years now!"

Chris DiNatale, Graphic Designer
Freelance since 1997



"I have always valued collaboration with my writers - far more than reciprocity. Finding a writer I click with creatively (as I have with Peter) is crucial, and in my case, it's led to some of my best work. This ebook offers a wonderful template for creating the kinds of partnerships where the total truly is greater than the sum of the parts, and where the end result is great work, happy clients, and a profitable outcome for everyone. Reading this has inspired me to find some more projects I can work with my writer on - because that's when the business really gets fun!" 


Debra Rohde, 25-Year Graphic Designer
Rohde Marketing and Design



"Great book!  If a new or seasoned freelance commercial writer reads this and can't form a profitable relationship with a graphic designer...it's totally on them.  You've left nothing out when it comes to developing this very lucrative part of a FLCW's (freelance commercial writer's) business."

Joseph Ratliff, FLCW


"Peter Bowerman has hit another home run. In exhaustive detail, he explains all the nuts-‘n-bolts behind this question: “Why prospect for just one potential client when you can find a way to tap into a goldmine that will produce clients forever?” And that means a referral partner. Graphic designers, web designers, and others can make ideal partners and keep your pipeline jammed with high-paying work.

"In this ebook, Peter has done an excellent job covering all the bases: from why these people want to work with you, where to find good referral partners, how to reach out to them and how the partnership can be set up. I learned several techniques I can use in cultivating a nice source for new work, while delivering as much value as I receive – a true win/win concept." 

Michael Temple, FLCW
Toledo, Ohio

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