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What Do You Look For in a Speaker?










Practical, Relevant Content?


Fun to Be Around?

How often do you get all the above? Isn’t it about time? 

Here’s my philosophy… If you’ve paid me to come talk to your group, workshop or conference about freelance writing, marketing for writers or self-publishing, I’m going to make sure I find out how best to “reach” your audience and will craft my program(s) for optimal relevance to them and their worlds. And since, obviously, I can’t be anywhere else that day or weekend, then put me to work and maximize your investment. None of this “blow-in-do-my-talk-blow-out” prima donna nonsense.

As you’ll see, I’ve gotten some pretty good feedback from conference organizers and attendees. Sure, some of that’s a function of the extensive knowledge that comes from years of in-the-trenches, atypically successful freelance writing and self-publishing experience. But, just as importantly, I’m always happy when sharing my real-world success strategies. I’ve crafted a great life of freedom, flexibility, and healthy income built around writing, and I love helping others do the same.  

What Can I Talk About?
Having been successful in two distinct writing-related areas – freelance commercial writing and self-publishing (and having multiple award-winning books for each) – gives me a lot to talk about. Authoritatively. It allows me to be versatile and flexible in adapting my talks to your audience. But most importantly, there’s nothing theoretical in my content. Because everything I talk about, I’ve lived, as I've built my commercial freelance writing business and self-published my books. Bottom line, your attendees get the practical real-world scoop.

Don’t see what you’re looking for as to speaking topic? Let’s talk.

NOTE: For all my talks (except keynote/plenary speeches), I provide attendees with a “note-taking” outline to give their notes context (plus extra copies can be provided for those who missed the talk!).      

Possible Speaking Subjects (click on the block below for full session descriptions)

Commercial Freelancing
The Well-Fed Writer Sampler
Marketing For Writers    
Keynote/Plenary Speeches


Sample Talks?
Want to get an idea of a typical talk falling into one of the above categories? Just ask! I’d be happy to send you a sample of an actual note-taking outline (in case of all the above except speeches) or an actual speech.   

What Do I Charge?           
Let’s discuss it. For out-of-town events, I would ask for expenses and speaking fee. For local events (minimal travel/time) within the Atlanta area, I’m more flexible. Give me a shout at peter@wellfedwriter.com or 770/438-7200 and we'll talk it through.   


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Conference Attendee Feedback

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