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Buy "The Well-Fed Writer" or "The Well-Fed Self-Publisher"

in Bulk and Save Big!

Why would I want to buy your (wonderful, comprehensive, award-winning, industry standard, etc, etc.) books in bulk? 

Several possible reasons. Maybe...

1) You have a writer's group with a growing interest in commercial writing or self-publishing, and the profits from sales can help support the group.

2) You've got an upcoming workshop or conference; you want to offer the books and add a profit center to the event.

3) You
've told a ton of friends about either book, and figure it's about time to make a few bucks off your recommendations!

Whatever the reason, I'd love to spread the word AND the profits a little.

Here's the deal:

Purchase 10-15 copies, save 40% (your cost: $12 vs. retail of $20)
Purchase 16-31 copies, save 50% (your cost: $10 vs. retail of $20)
Purchase a case (32-40, depending on book), save 60% (your cost: $8 vs. retail of $20)

Interested in more than a case? Email me to discuss.

You would be responsible for shipping costs (though if you're not in a hurry, Media Mail shipping is very reasonable). 

Let's move some books!      



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