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Fanove Publishing - Bookseller Terms

Dear Bookseller,

Thanks for your interest in carrying The Well-Fed Writer (ISBN: 978-0-9670598-7-7) and The Well-Fed Self-Publisher (ISBN: 978-0-9670598-6-0 OR 09670598-6-0) in your stores. Virtually every bookseller I've ever spoken to talks about the strong writing (and writer) community their bookstore supports, making my two titles especially good bets. For more information on the books - including cover artwork, Table of Contents, sample chapters, Testimonials, FAQs, a press release, author info and more - visit the "Attn: Media" link for this site (for TWFW) or www.wellfedsp.com (for TWFSP). Thanks again. I sincerely appreciate your partnership. All the best.

Peter Bowerman

P.S. Of course, both books are available through Ingram.

BOOKSELLER TERMS: 50% discount; 5 book minimum; bookseller pays shipping

To qualify for bookseller terms, "Ship to:" address must be to currently operating bookstore. Place orders in one of the following four ways:

1) Phone: 1-800-247-6553
2) Fax: 1-419-281-6883
3) E-mail: order@bookmasters.com
4) Snail Mail: Fanove Publishing, PO. Box 388, Ashland, OH 44805*

Questions? E-mail: peter@wellfedwriter.com Phone: 770/438-7200


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