Why Do YOU Love the Freelance Life?

I was in downtown Atlanta a few weeks back, delivering a few seminars at a writers conference. I loooove getting out from behind my computer and mingling with the rest of humanity (and when they’re paying me, even better…). It’s part of the variety that makes me love this life I (we) have.

Well, apparently, that love and appreciation for My Pretty Cool Life came through loud and clear to one of the attendees of my morning session on self-publishing. After the talk, sitting at my book table, this gentleman approached with a lovely bit of good news: He was a freelancer who did the regular Why I Love My Job feature for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and I sure seemed to fit that profile. Would I like to be the subject of a future half-page instalment of the series? “Is this a trick question?” I asked, smiling. Like, duh.

He came by last Thursday to do the interview and snap a few, and that’ll be coming up some Sunday in May, I’m told. Yay. Of course, it got me thinking about how good I have it. There’s a special moment I have every morning (after rising about 8, 8:30, and commuting 15 feet to my office) when I’m sitting at my computer answering email. Big windows frame trees and more trees, and let the morning sun stream in. I always stop and think about everyone out on the highway, struggling through gridlock on their way to an airless, windowless, soulless cubicle for the next 8-10 hours, and then back in the car for Round 2 and on to fight crowds at the grocery, gym, and dry cleaners, etc.

I thank my lucky stars I am not among their ranks and wish this life for them. To live life on one’s own terms. To rise or crash on your clock, not someone else’s. To take a day, week or month off when you say (as long as you can pay your bills). Yeah, I know, you folks still working for The Man don’t really want to hear all this, but hey, if it helps you get to this place quicker… I joke sometimes – but I’m more than half-serious – that while my Well-Fed Writer titles are ostensibly about writing, they’re really about lifestyle. I just happen to do that with writing.

If you’re living the freelance dream, what part of it puts that quiet, contented smile on your face or even makes you downright giddy?

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  1. Devon Ellington
    Devon Ellington says:

    I love it because I am much more productive on my own schedule than someone else’s.

    I also love it because anything that catches my interest — I can follow it, learn about it, and communicate my enthusiasm about it and get other people excited, too.

    Ink in My Coffee

  2. Patty Reagin
    Patty Reagin says:

    I have been freelancing part time for about 7 years but never was in quite the right place (read: too scared with big mortgage) to quit my “real” job… and then I was laid off last month. Just the kick in the a** I needed! I’ve been doing the calling, getting my name out there and networking. This morning I landed my first new client expanding my part-time base – it’s very exciting and after only about 150 calls so far, very rewarding! I’m slowly facing and conquering my phone-phobias!
    So, that leads me to the freelance lifestyle. I live in the mountains of Colorado outside Denver and it does NOT suck to sit here at my desk and look outside at the snow-covered Divide, watch my horses graze, take my dogs on a hike whenever I want and I’m slowly convincing my subconscious that No, I don’t actually have to go back to “work”. I’m not on vacation. This is my LIFE now. Nothing like it. Sat on my deck compiling my next list of contacts to call. My life is my own, my success is up to me, and I am in control. It’s an amazing feeling and I can’t believe I waited so long!!

    The Writing Quill

  3. Peter Wise
    Peter Wise says:

    One of the best things about being a freelance copywriter is to be able to sit back and read three year old blog posts at your leisure without someone bending your ear to do something else…

    Seriosuly, though, I endorse all the comments above about lifetsyle and freedom. And it’s so nice to be away from the agency politics.

    And you know what? I truly don’t mind having to work late or at weekends on those occasions I have to. It’s because I’ve chosen to, not because someone else has screwed up. And I’m making money for me, not some conglomerate.

    The other thing, which I don’t think was mentioned by anyone else, is the pleasure of being my own creative director. It’s my creativity, my selling abilities, my reponsibility. Okay, the client may still not buy it, but at least it’s down to the client, not some internal machinations, the CD having a bad day or an account person not selling it properly.

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    As you seem to know what your doing blogging wise, do you know what the best time of the week is to blog and have them read?

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