I’d like you to have my “how-to”
blueprints for 11 of the most common
commercial-writing projects out there.

I’m talking about specific, step-by-step “do this,
then do that…” guidance. Along with 74 real samples you can model.


Dear friend,

To succeed as a freelance commercial writer you have to promote yourself consistently. That’s what I’ve taught for years in The Well-Fed Writer.

But over the past few years readers have also asked for help on commercial-writing assignments…

“I’ve never done a capabilities brochure – any advice?”

Or… “How do you structure an effective postcard direct-mail campaign?”

Or… “Any suggestions on creating a good tagline (or name or headline)?”

As a 23-year veteran commercial writer, I’ve learned—step-by-error-ridden-step, and through copious expense of blood, sweat and tears—the most effective ways to write all the major projects I encountered in the field.

So I decided to start a few small coaching groups where we studied actual samples… These groups have been a huge hit. My students have gotten a ton of value, as you can see from the testimonials below.

Excerpted testimonials from the course that spawned Well-Fed Craft!

“…one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. I came away with so much material, I’ll be revisiting it all for months.”
Jeremy McAbee

“…jam-packed with ‘Aha!’ moments. Right out of the gate, I identified tangible opportunities for improving my commercial writing.”
Travis Webster-Booth

 “…far more effective and enduring than any ‘how-to’ copywriting book I’ve ever read.”
Lisa Blaushild

“…Peter makes this whole business seem a little less scary and a LOT less complicated!
Chris Wilson

 “…absolutely one of the best webinars I’ve ever taken. From the first session, I was able to immediately apply his suggestions to a current project.”
Mary Ellen Landolfi

 “…specific, practical information. Now I can look at a piece of persuasive writing and see the inherent structure as it builds to a ‘call-to-action.’”
Linda Tenney

“If all you did was study the samples and think about the rationale behind the creative choices, you would dramatically improve your writing.”
Stacey Morris

But, my group-coaching series are infrequent, and when they do happen, the timing (AND the price) often doesn’t work for people. Lately, many of my readers have been asking me for a self-paced option for this training. I put that off because I was really busy. Or my travel schedule kept getting in the way…

But, this past fall, I finally sat down this fall to put it together—to distill everything I’ve learned about HOW to write these projects into ONE offering, and, in the process, save you 23 years worth of learning. The result is something I’m incredibly proud of:


Well-Fed Craft:

The Fast Track to Marketing-Writing Mastery

The Structure and Strategy Behind Effective Commercial Writing

What’s In “Well-Fed Craft”?

Module 1: Introduction & a “Refresher” on Sales/Marketing Fundamentals (audio-only)

Module 2: Introduction to Basic Brochures & Effective Structures for “Case-Building”

Module 3: Larger Brochures and More Examples of Effective Structures for “Case-Building”

Module 4: Postcard Direct Mail and Web Site Messaging/Content

Module 5: Case Studies: Third-Party Success Stories Boost Credibility

Module 6: White Papers: “The King of Content”

Module 7: Getting “Into Their World” and Using Themes Effectively

Module 8: Using Stories (Real or Fictitious) to Legitimize, Humanize and Demonstrate

Module 9: Using Humor to Draw ‘Em In & Keep ‘Em Reading (+ the “Questions” Strategy)

Module 10: Basics of Sales Letters and Landing Pages

Module 11: A “Short-Copy” Primer: Taglines/Slogans, Naming, Headlines and More

Nearly 5 Info-Rich Hours!

You get over 280 meaty minutes of focused study/dissection/discussion of 74+ commercial writing samples.

We’re talking information rich in technique, tactics and strategy. The kind of stuff that’ll demonstrably improve your marketing-writing skills, and turn “one-off” clients into regulars.

“I got downright ANGRY when I pored over Well-Fed Craft! This is exactly what I needed in 2003 when starting out. Unfortunately, with nothing like it then, I spent weeks digging up whatever I could find about how to write these marketing pieces—and ended up with maybe 5% of what’s in this excellent program. Whether you’re new or well on your way to success, do yourself a favor and invest in this goldmine of a resource—from one of the best writers in the business.”

– Ed Gandia
B2B copywriter and business-building coach

Who’s Well-Fed Craft For?

  1. Anyone—whether newbie or experienced writer—either struggling with how to write “commercial” projects, or wanting to broaden their “tactic arsenal.”
  2. Anyone new to the field of marketing writing (so how would you know?)
  3. Anyone who’s transitioning from journalism (again, how would you know?)
  4. Anyone who’s focused on one or two project types, and wants to diversify their range of project skills. And most importantly…
  5. Anyone who’d like to invest half a day to learn what took me 23 years to assimilate!

In Well-Fed Craft, you’ll discover:

  • How to build a marketing piece that grabs readers and keeps them engaged.
  • What you must include on the website’s homepage to ensure it gets found and read (and the most popular trends in web copy layout today!).
  • 5 unusual project types you’ve likely never seen before (but which will add welcome depth to your marketing arsenal…).
  • The writing sample (a tiny part of a larger project), which, when the client saw it, had him increase the budget for the rest of the project by 150%!
  • The 1 case-study format guaranteed to instantly boost the color, drama and readability of your work.
  • The 2 elements that will instantly and significantly improve any sales letter.
  • The 1 powerful question—which, when you can answer it “yes”—will instantly boost the clarity and accessibility of any marketing piece.
  • Multiple copy-structuring tactics that powerfully and effectively “build a case” for a product or service.
  • 3 real-world examples of copy that “gets into a client’s world” and makes them FAR more receptive to your offering.
  • The 3 key white-paper types—straight from THE white-paper guru—that virtually all WPs fall into (talk about simplification!)
  • How to use “themes” to create a powerful thread that draws a reader along and highlights the benefits of a product or service.
  • 8 examples of using humor to draw ‘em in and keep ‘em reading.
  • How using stories—real or fictitious—will legitimize, humanize and/or demonstrate a product or service.
  • The potent “___Questions” strategy that will instantly transform your client into “The Credible Good Guy.”
  • The product-introduction brochure that took the form of an engaging and impactful “birth announcement”!
  • Numerous “Before/After” scenarios that underscore what works and what doesn’t in a marketing piece.
  • The 2 resources that will dramatically enhance the creativity and results of any tagline, naming or headline exercise.
  • 5 different brochure formats and examples of effective execution the client loved.
  • Dozens of examples headlines and subheads that catch a reader’s eye, convey the benefits, and allow for productive scanning.
  • And much, much more!

“One of the best new multimedia courses on copywriting I’ve seen. Peter is a grizzled veteran in the field and his vast experience and track record of success, combined with great instruction, make this a must-have program for copy and content writers.”

– Bob Bly
Author, The Copywriter’s Handbook (+ 90 other books).

Why Did I Do This?

The Well-Fed WriterSince late 1993, I’ve been a commercial freelancer as well as the author of the award-winning Well-Fed Writer series. AND, related coaching, ezine, blog, ebooks, and more. The focus of all my resources has always been how to build a thriving commercial writing practice, NOT how to write those projects.

And fact is, there are TONS of “commercial-writing-business-building” resources out there, but almost nothing on how to write those projects.

But through the years, I kept hearing from many folks with no marketing background or coming from the journalism world. They were struggling to understand the “how-to-write” side of commercial writing (a.k.a. marketing writing), and searching—usually unsuccessfully—for resources that addressed that need

More Important than Marketing

Moreover, 14 years of coaching aspiring commercial writers—watching some thrive, while so many others struggled—led me to this epiphany:

The strongest predictor of enduring success as a commercial writer is writing ability—NOT marketing chops. You can be an amazing marketer, but if your commercial-writing skills aren’t what they should be, you’ll always struggle. But a writer with strong skills will naturally garner more business, more repeat business, and more referrals.

“You won’t find anything else like this because there isn’t anything like it. Well-Fed Craft is like peeking through the curtain and practically stealing the keys to success. This is so much more than a course; you’re sitting side-by-side with a master as he reveals his secrets—all the elements of phenomenal commercial writing. It’s the most comprehensive, sensible, smart course I’ve ever seen—full of the savvy insight of the best there is at the craft. Follow this, and you can’t help but succeed. Peter, you’ve got something great here. Really great.”

– Lori Widmer
Trade writer/editor, and blogger at Words on the Page

What’s the Format of Well-Fed Craft?

The course contains 11 modules, each one (except Module 1, which is audio only) consisting of a video screen capture, as I scroll through a topic-specific PDF—chock-full of images of actual commercial writing projects—while pointing, explaining and dissecting those projects.

“There aren’t many other freelancers I genuinely look up to and continually learn from. Peter is one of those rare exceptions. I’ve been recommending TWFW as my top pick for new freelancers for years—whether or not they plan to specialize in commercial writing; the marketing info alone is just that good.

But writers who DO go the commercial route quickly learn that clients expect them to know how to write a wide variety of projects, from web copy to white papers. But until now, I haven’t seen a course that adequately teaches that “how.” Well-Fed Craft finally—and admirably—fills that void, covering both the ‘how’ and the ‘why.’ If you’re a fan of TWFW, this is your natural next step. “

– Jennifer Mattern
17-Year Freelance Business Writer & PR Consultant; Editor, All Indie Writers

Ready to “UN-Commoditize” Your Skills?

If you’re struggling to build a consistently profitable writing practice, I suspect one reason is this: Your skills are similar to countless other writers. As such, clients don’t have to pay the premium rates that those with uncommon—and less “commoditized” skills—command.

“Well-Fed Craft” will prepare you to earn those
premium rates.

“Like his books, Well-Fed Craft is authentic, engaging, and packed with concepts that can make your business better while helping you do the same for your clients. Peter lets you look over his shoulder, as he walks you through the brainstorming and copywriting process on dozens of actual client projects. And, his strategies for upselling and “getting into the heads” of clients and their customers are golden for both new B2B writers and experienced ones needing a “kick in the (marketing) pants.”

– Jake Poinier
18-Year Commercial Freelancer, and Writing-Business “Doctor” at DoctorFreelance.com

But Wait, There’s More! (I’ve always wanted to say that…)

You’ll also get 2 Bonus Modules—cleaned-up versions of two sessions from one of the past group-coaching series:

  1. The “Writing-Exercise” Review (~60 minutes; combo audio module/PDF) You’ll listen—and follow along with the separate PDF—as I discuss the results of a writing exercise based on a real-world project.

    You’ll see the original document I instructed them to improve on, see/hear critiques of 4 participant submissions, and finally, see MY take on the project (which I’d delivered to the client). All my critique comments are embedded in the PDF for standalone study.

  2. The Q&A (80+ minutes; audio-only): You’ll listen in on the last session of the group-coaching series: A Q&A on ANY subject related to commercial writing (i.e., not just about craft). So, you’ll hear a cleaned-up (i.e., only the good stuff!) audio recording jam-packed with solid info and insights into true “well-fed writing” success!

AND, One More “Goodie”!

10 of the 11 modules are based on PDFs featuring dozens of actual commercial writing samples. Well, I’m giving you ALL those PDFs as well. When you want to go back and study the material more closely, now you’ll have the option to just study the actual samples, without being confined by the video-capture format.

“There are lots of courses on how to sell your copywriting services, but where are the ones that actually teach you HOW to write copy clients will gladly pay handsomely for? Well-Fed Craft fills that gap. You’ll get inside the head of a veteran writer as he takes you step-by-step through writing all the key commercial-writing project types—along with using themes, humor, stories and more, in your copy. His technique for killer “short copy” (taglines, names, headlines, etc.) is worth the price of the class alone!”

– Linda Formichelli
Writing Coach and co-founder of Renegade Writer Press

What’s at Stake Here?

Good marketing copywriters earn far more because there are far fewer of them with these skills:

  • They intimately understand the critical cornerstones of effective marketing copy: Audience, Features vs. Benefits, USP (Unique Selling Proposition), The Curse of Knowledge, and others (ALL covered in the “Sales/Marketing Refresher” in Module 1).
  • They know that the structure of a piece—how you “build a case” for something—is just as important as the words you use (and virtually every module of WFC covers “structure”!).
  • They’re masters at identifying the benefits of a product/service, and conveying those benefits in language their audience understands and will respond to.
  • They’re comfortable working on brochures, ads, direct mail, web writing, landing pages, “content” (case studies, white papers, etc.) and much more.

These are exactly the things you’ll get from Well-Fed Craft…

The result? You’ll separate yourself from the countless writers with those interchangeable, “commoditized” skills—skills that, by definition, will command lower rates—and enter into a far more select, higher-paid group.

“There’s a lot of info out there on the business of freelancing. But mastering the craft of writing effective marketing materials will give you the edge in today’s marketplace. Well-Fed Craft teaches you all the basics—and more. Highly recommended. On a personal note, Peter is one of the most experienced ‘commercial’ writers I know. He’s one of the good guys in this business—someone who truly cares about helping other writers succeed.”

– Steve Slaunwhite
Author, The Everything Guide To Writing Copy

“How Do I Get Access to Well-Fed Craft?

There’s nothing to download, sign up for, or log into. Instead, you’ll get this:

A custom-designed, credit-card-sized flash drive.

Order “Well-Fed Craft” and I’ll mail you the drive. Once it arrives, push the recessed plug forward, insert it into your computer, and, badda bing, badda boom, instantly, you’ll have everything—all audio/video files, bonus material, and standalone PDFs.

My Money-Back GuaranteeThe Well-Fed Writer

If you don’t feel Well-Fed Craft met your expectations, for any reason, just send back the flash drive within 30 days of purchase for a full, no-questions-asked refund. Of course, you’ll likely have the content on your computer, so suffice to say, The Golden Rule applies… 😉

“The real money in freelancing is writing for businesses—but most freelancers know little about this arena—especially how to write copy that will thrill your clients. Well-Fed Craft breaks it down and makes it simple. Well worth the time and money if you’re serious about commercial writing.”

– Kelly K. James
Author of Six-Figure Freelancing and Writer for Hire

Limited-Time Introductory Pricing…

Here’s the deal: This is the introductory release of this product, and I’ll be selling it ONLY until Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at midnight EST, at the price below.

My goal, after I close sales out on January 11, is to collect feedback and testimonials, and then after adding those testimonials to this page, and tweaking the product (if necessary), I’ll re-release the product again at some point in the future—at a higher price.

“Peter Bowerman’s Well-Fed Craft fills a major gap for marketing copywriters – HOW to actually write the many types of projects clients will pay handsomely for. There’s no greater market differentiator than a solid skill set, and no better person to learn from than Peter. He’s helped launch thousands of copywriting careers – including mine.”

– Casey Hibbard
Case-Study Expert Author, Stories That Sell

My “No-Extensions” Promise

We’re all used to promotions that yammer on and on about having to buy before “X date,” only to extend that date for another few days or even a week. Well, you know me as a straight shooter, so here’s me shooting straight:

On January 11, 2017 at midnight, EST, the link to this page—offering you the opportunity to buy this now, and at this price—will no longer work. Period.

“Color me impressed! From brochures, taglines and headlines through storytelling, humor and white papers, Well-Fed Craft delivers. I absolutely loved his “Before/After” examples of the key types of marketing materials we’re often called on to write. Peter knows his stuff and has taught many of us much about really make a living as freelancers. I highly recommend this excellent course.”

– Anne Wayman

“OK, How Much Is It?”

I gotta be honest; I really wrestled with the price on this. I mean, think about what I’m offering here. No less than…

  • Step-by-step blueprints for writing a whole host of popular commercial projects.
  • PLUS a powerful array of marketing-writing tactics and strategies designed to make your writing more compelling, engaging and persuasive.
  • In essence, a potent tool kit that’ll give you the confidence to take on ANY high-paying commercial writing project. 

I know what that’s worth, because I know how much further ahead of the game I’d have been if I’d had THIS when I started out in 1993.

So, how much would this extreme “learning-curve-shortener” be worth? Certainly $1000 – about what you’d make on one mid-sized commercial project.

Well, it’s certainly worth that, but such a price would put it out of the reach of many. So, how about something in-between, like $497?

That would certainly reflect the value of the thing, and at a far more accessible price.

That said, my goal is to make this as accessible to as many as possible (and yes, frankly, to sell as many as possible). As such, I’m offering an introductory price on this of…


Just $197 for the flash drive (NO downloads) loaded up with……

  • 11 info-packed modules – nearly 5 hours of focused training.
  • PLUS, the standalone PDFs used in all 10 of the video-capture modules (and containing more than 74 samples in all!)
  • AND, 2 bonus modules – the “Writing Exercise” and the Q&A – well over 2 hours more!

Ready to start making the kind of freelancing income you know you deserve?

OR, ready to give your existing commercial practice an overnight “skills boost”?

Attention: International Buyers ONLY!

To save you time (and save me postage, packing and customs forms), after purchase, I’ll steer you to an online portal where you can download the entire Well-Fed Craft offering!

Since this whole wild ride started in 2000 with the release of the first edition of The Well-Fed Writer, my goal has always been to help make ALL your writing “well-fed.”  

Well-Fed Craft will get you there.

BUT, this price and this offer expire January 11, 2017 at midnight EST, so do it now.

All the best!


P.S. There are so few seriously profitable writing avenues left these days, but the commercial field is absolutely one of them. And if you’re struggling with the skills needed to maximize your income, this program will get you up to speed—fast.

P.P.S. Case-study authority Casey Hibbard, in her review of the product, wrote: “There’s no greater market differentiator than a solid skill set.” And Well-Fed Craft delivers just that.