Ta-Da! We Have TWFW Blog Liftoff…

Blog Post #1. I know, it’s about freakin’ time I did a blog, but better (years) late than never, I suppose. Over the past few years, I’d looked around, saw the unending din of cyber-blather filling the airwaves, and asked myself, “Do I have something worthwhile to add or will I just be making more noise”? I guess I decided I could bring some value to the copywriting conversation, but ultimately, you, my readers will make that call.

Speaking of YOU, my readers, just as you’re crucial to the success of my ezine, The Well-Fed EPUB (http://wellfedwriter.com/ezine.shtml), providing me with a steady stream of ideas, tips, strategies and success stories since it kicked off in May 2002, your “in-the-trenches”? experiences will build this blog as well.

Got a good story, a great project outcome, something that’s worked (OR crashed-and-burned), an incandescent epiphany about the business, or any other piece of useful flotsam or jetsam you think your fellow commercial freelancers would dig? AND ideally, help all of us make more money in the biz? Lay it on me at peter@wellfedwriter.com and I’ll throw it out there. And remember: BREVITY. After all, as copywriters, we all know how to write succinctly, right?

I’ll offer up new entries no more than three times a week, but more like two, and I’ll keep ‘em on the short side. Thanks for all your support along the way. Let’s see where this thing goes…


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  1. Allen Cox
    Allen Cox says:

    I’m excited about the blog, Peter. I’m using your books to help me jumpstart a freelance copywriting business (I’m at ground-level), and now I’m looking forward to comments from community members to hear some success stories and to learn what other freelancers are doing out there.

  2. Joanna Bartlett-Gustina
    Joanna Bartlett-Gustina says:

    Good to see you launch a blog! I’m already enjoying the comments from other people. I’ll be adding you to my blogroll (Bob Bly, too). Like many others, your books inspired me to launch out on my own after my son was born – and he’s almost 3 now.


  3. Jim Kelly
    Jim Kelly says:


    Good luck on the blog – I can vouch for the usefulness that a blog brings. Shortly after I began beta-testing a new robotics product for LEGO I began blogging about my research and results as a way for me to share what I was learning not only with LEGO but fans of robotics kits. That was in January 2006 (www.thenxtstep.com) and I now have over 40,000 readers. What has this done for my writing career? Well, I still have my local clients that I work for (I’m a technical writer) but the blog got the attention of publishers and I’ve now got 3 books published and 2 more coming this year. I was also contacted by LEGO Education (a division of LEGO) and we negotiated some workbooks that I wrote for teachers (and continue to do more). So, tell your readers that a blog is a very useful tool for expanding your work as well as demonstrating an expertise or two that you may possess.

    Jim Kelly

  4. Bob Wait
    Bob Wait says:

    Congratulations on your launch. I’ve enjoyed your books, and I’m looking forward to your pearls, and other mollusks, of wisdom. One nitpick, from someone who has not yet joined the large-screen revolution of the 1990’s: on first glance, I’m finding this size of this font a bit hard to read against a pale yellow background. Good luck & keep it going!

  5. Lorraine
    Lorraine says:

    Hi Peter:

    Thrilled to see you taking this step–one that I know is inevitable for me as well, though I’m still stalled asking myself, “Do I have something worthwhile to add or will I just be making more noise??

    If anyone can juggle the dual imperatives of regular posts and client deadlines it’s you. Show–and tell–us how!

  6. Graham Strong
    Graham Strong says:

    Hey Peter,

    Congrats and good luck! Just started one myself after a long time debating. I’m hoping I’ll also be the “the sound” and not “the noise”.


  7. Mary Lynn Archibald
    Mary Lynn Archibald says:

    Hey Peter,

    Thanks for all you do for the writing and publishing community, and for struggling authors everywhere. I agree with Toddie Downs on the time-suck observation, but it’s a great way to stay in touch. Judging from the response, I guess you didn’t need any help from me!

    You’re the best.


    Mary Lynn

  8. Tracy Cooper-Posey
    Tracy Cooper-Posey says:

    Hi Peter:

    Back again. Just wanted to let you know that you guilted me into finally getting off my *ss and launching my own blog, that I’ve only been thinking about for nearly a year. It’s a subject near and dear to my heart.

    Visit http://www.enovelization.wordpress.com and leave a comment — it’s looking very lonely compared to yours!



    Helping the hesitant reader enjoy E-books and POD fiction, too.

  9. becky
    becky says:

    I was thinking, “It’s about time!” too. I’ve read both of the Well-Fed books and it has helped me in both knowledge and confidence. Thanks, Peter. I look forward to seeing what you have to say on your blog, and what your readership has to say in return.

    BTW, not only am I a FLCW, I’m a problogger, too. I think what I’ve learned from you has helped me pitch better and get some blogging jobs. It’s not a full-time salary… yet. But it could be in another year or two.

  10. sandi shelton
    sandi shelton says:

    Welcome to the blogging world! You’re going to be a great addition. I’m subscribing. You’ve helped us all so much in the past, and can’t wait to keep up with your blog.

  11. Daniel O'Connor
    Daniel O'Connor says:

    Hi Peter,

    Good to hear you’ve started a blog. They’re great for SEO and really make a difference to how quickly the search engines come back to index you. I’ve been doing one for a couple of months now (www.daniboy.com/blog/) and it’s been fun. Not quite the same sphere as you; it’s more of a general good business-SEO-writing-type thing. Great for generating ideas and “to do” lists.

    Daniel O’Connor | Daniboy

  12. Darlene Craven
    Darlene Craven says:

    Whew! I guess if you can do this, Peter, then anybody can. Unending din of cyber-blather is exactly the reason I didn’t want to start a blog. It’s like having a child…if I have to ask why should I do it, then should I do it? There’s only so much information overload a brain can take. And frankly even researching how to do it best is daunting at best, absolutely run screaming naked down the street at its worst. Anyway, thanks for at least providing a beacon of hope, an unceasing ray of sunshine and well, just for being a writing guru. We’re not worthy….we’re not worthy…we’re not worthy.

  13. peter
    peter says:


    Thanks for weighing in. A blog isn’t for everyone, I suppose. If I was just some guy without a book and a modest following (okay, a pretty decent following…), I’d probably think twice about it. But, I like the immediacy of a blog – the ability to take the current “learning” events of my professional commercial writing life, share them with others to provide some insights, get the collected experiences of others on a similar topic and end up with an instant knowledge base of sorts. But, as for the complexity – it really isn’t that hard. Most of the bloging programs these days make things relatively “plug ‘n play” in their operation. As for “we’re not worthy” – please… We’re all in this together… 😉 And you’re SO right: if I can do it, ANYONE can do it. Believe that. If you only knew how long I mucked around with the idea before pulling the trigger, you’d laugh. AND feel SO much better about things…


  14. Teresa
    Teresa says:

    Hey Peter,
    Thanks for joining the blog world. Another faithful fan is so happy you are here!!

  15. Giselle Conyette
    Giselle Conyette says:

    I just started my blog as well. I think it’s here today, and sometimes I wonder if blogs will make websites obsolete. Only time will tell. I’m glad to see that you started yours as well. You always have such great ideas! Thank you for sharing.

    Giselle Conyette
    Director, Con-Yet Incorporated
    Technology Creatively Captured in Words
    Voice 416-593-7987
    Email conyette@sympatico.ca
    Blog http://giselleconyette.typepad.com/

  16. Jon McCulloch
    Jon McCulloch says:


    I suspect not, because they have two very different functions. A website tends to be more of a “show and tell” kind of thing, like a brochure, catalogue, or even a sales letter.

    A blog, on the other hand, is more of a narrative and a relationship-building device.


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  1. Well, it’s about time! Peter Bowerman, author of The Well-Fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency As a Freelance Writer in Six Months or Less, The Well-Fed Writer: Back For Seconds, and The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living, has finally launched a blog. He promises to write two or three times a week on the blog, which is in addition to his monthly e-zine, The Well-Fed E-Pub.

    It’s still new, so it’s hard to say exactly where this effort will go. But if I know anything about PB, the blog is going to be loads of fun and a great resource. The first four posts include a quick intro, a what-not-to-do post about building customer loyalty, a call for advice for “short-cut hunters,” and a story about when it’s okay to say no.

    PB Note: The above comes from Kristen King at the Inkthinker Blog at http://www.inkthinkerblog.com/2008/04/14/two-new-blogs-for-writers/ – check it out! Thanks Kristen!

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