Got a Guest Post for The Well-Fed Writer Blog? (Now Three Years Old!)

Okay, so I tried this waaaaaaay back when, shortly after the blog’s launch – asking for guest posts. Got a few submissions from my fellow commercial freelancers, but after a while, things sort of fizzled out. And yours truly had to load that big blog burden back on my shoulders. I know, get out your violins, right? 😉

But seriously, I’d like to revisit this idea. Why? Because over the past three years (almost to the day – we launched on 3/30/08), we’ve developed a pretty extraordinary commercial writing “master mind” here. I’m happy to say, this blog has made its mark in that time, and has enjoyed great participation, with an average of ~25 comments per post! Compared with typical copywriting blogs, that’s a smokin’ number. So, thanks to all of you!

I’ve kept the blog frequency low: about twice monthly (heck, it usually takes 7-10 days to work through the commentary on any given post). That said, I’d love to start posting weekly, and to do that, I really need your help.

After all, The Well-Fed Writer approach has always been collaborative. My books, ezine, knowledgebase, the new Partner Pantry, and yes the blog, wouldn’t have been possible without the countless stories, insights, inquiries and experiences from commercial writers across the country and the globe. I’m just one guy, with one limited set of commercial copywriting experiences. What could you share?

Perhaps a prospecting strategy that’s borne some serious fruit over the years?

An unusual market (if you’re willing to reveal it)?

A particularly great success story – with a lesson attached?

A fabulous tip that’s made you more efficient, better networked or more profitable?

An insight into the business that’s made a huge difference for you?

Anything else to share that can help commercial writers make more money, have greater professional fulfillment, or enjoy a higher quality of life?

And keep in mind, you don’t have to be a seasoned freelance copywriting veteran. Had an experience that taught you something and enhanced your career in some way – something that others would benefit from? I don’t care if you started your commercial freelancing career a few months ago; let’s hear it!

Guest posts should be 400-800 words. And you know our drill: real-world stories and experiences are best. And of course, please include questions at the end to turn it into a subject with “legs” – one that can spawn a rich discussion.

What’s in it for you? Besides the warm fuzzy feeling you’ll get from helping your fellow commercial freelancers? Not enough? How about raising your profile in the eyes of your peers? More? Geez, tough crowd… 😉

Seriously, if you’ve got a book, ebook, ezine, report, program, service, blog or web site you want to promote, I welcome your promo copy at the end of the piece.

The first three years have been fabulous – yielding a mighty impressive body of work covering subjects across the commercial writing spectrum. I’d love to see where we can take it during the next three years, and beyond.

Got a blog post idea? Post the particulars here, as a comment, or email me at peter at wellfedwriter dot com.

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  1. Jenn Mattern
    Jenn Mattern says:

    Well you know I’m in! Thanks again for agreeing to host on my virtual blog tour. I can’t wait to have my guest post go up on the 31st. I’ll have it in your inbox (these guidelines in mind) tomorrow morning. 🙂

  2. Peter Bowerman
    Peter Bowerman says:

    Thanks, Jenn! And Melanie, thanks for weighing in as well. While I’d love original content (who wouldn’t?), I’m definitely open to previously published posts – as long as they’re not too generic, but really speak to the commercial writing audience… Send me some ideas! Thanks much…

    And thanks to all of you who’ve contacted me offline with your ideas. Already have 3-4 guest posts in the works, not counting Jenn and Melanie! Keep ’em coming… 😉


  3. Liz Morley LLC
    Liz Morley LLC says:

    I am working two jobs and haven’t gotten my business off the ground yet. I’m reading a number of recent short books on subject related to business and writing. The only thing I could offer is a post about the books I have read, that are helping me to plan my business.

  4. Peter Bowerman
    Peter Bowerman says:

    No worries, Liz – just keep reading and learning, and sometime, down the line, once you’ve got some traction with your business, I’m sure you’ll find some things to share. Look forward to it, and in the meantime, all the best!


  5. Sarah Sypniewski
    Sarah Sypniewski says:

    Hey there!

    I’d love to guest blog!
    I’ve been keeping track of my own journey to writership since October, so I could do bits about any of the following:
    *What I call my “three tier approach” to staying financially afloat
    *Building a network/platform while you have a full time job and then when to make the move to freelancing
    *How I scored a book deal just 4 months after leaving the “rat race” to pursue writing
    *How to use certain websites to become quoted experts in media
    *How to utilize social media to build your business
    *How a rescue dog is responsible for setting me on my journey to chase my dream

    Any of those trip your trigger?

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