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Life of a Well Fed Writer

Here’s How My First “Well-Fed Wednesday” Went (that “Six-Hours-of-Open-Phone-Calling” Thing…)

September 16, 2015

So, as you might know, I did a pretty cool and fun thing a few Wednesdays ago—my first Well-Fed Wednesday “open-call-free-for-all.” If you missed it, here’s a recap… Calling it an “energy experiment,” and modeling it after a similar exercise I’d read about (by a master coach), I opened my phone for six hours (10-1, […]

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Here’s What Long-Term Freelancers Do to Stay Disciplined. You?

November 13, 2013

More often than not, when I tell someone (say, at some social or networking event) how long I’ve been a commercial freelancer, people are impressed, often saying, “I could never work for myself; I’m just not disciplined enough.” Course, my standard answer (somewhere in my book as well) is something like: “Once you get a […]

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Your Favorite Ideas for Writing Ergonomics, Aesthetics, Functionality, & Work/Life Philosophies, Please…

April 2, 2012

Got the idea for this post from a picture sent to me by my brother… It was a unique desk arrangement he’d set up for his son. Apparently, my precocious nephew would often wake up in the middle of the night with the compulsion to get online and check this, play that, or research the […]

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When Does Part-Time Copywriting (vs. Full-Time) Make More Sense? (Guest Post)

October 6, 2011

Thanks to Emily Suess for contributing this great guest post. While most of us probably think in terms of full-time when it comes to our commercial writing careers, there’s no doubt plenty of folks out there for whom part-time would make more sense. Enjoy! ********** Until recently, when people would ask me what I do, […]

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What’s a Commercial Freelancer to Do about Health Insurance?

February 24, 2011

After getting yet another email a few weeks back from a reader, suggesting a post on health insurance for freelancers, figured it was time. I know this is a hot button issue for any commercial freelancer, often looming as one of the key issues giving salaried employees/aspiring commercial writers pause when considering the leap to […]

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Got a Place to Flee to from Home Office Distractions?

January 12, 2010

So there’s this cool space not too far from me here in Atlanta called Strongbox West. Geared to freelancers of all stripes, it’s a place to escape to when you want to flee the claustrophobically-closing-in four walls of the home office and get some work done while in the company (or at least the proximity) […]

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