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October 2009

Your Business “Process” is Up to You, Not Your Clients…

October 14, 2009

Got an email from a budding commercial freelancer recently, asking about my business “process.” Specifically, when I do my writing, when I talk to clients, if I meet them in person, how often I have in-person meetings (he was a good 90 minutes from the nearest big city and didn’t relish in-person meetings), etc. I’m […]

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Good Copywriters Don’t Let Clients Insult Their Customers’ Intelligence…

October 3, 2009

So, I use this web-based service to manage book sales, ebook downloads and other jobs on the publishing side of my business (I’m being vague here so as to not name names, though, given the circumstances, I’m not exactly sure why…). In any case, I pay this company $1000 a year for this service. Not […]

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