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Reviewer Testimonials

“When I wrote Secrets of a Freelance Writer, it was the first and only book on making six figures as a commercial freelancer. Of the dozen-plus books written on the subject since then, this book is by far the most comprehensive, useful and valuable.”

Bob Bly, Author (50+ books)
Secrets of a Freelance Writer, The Copywriter’s Handbook

“ Peter Bowerman has done it again! Back for Seconds is packed with useful tips and resources, along with advice from top professionals in the field. If you’ve been afraid to tackle corporate writing because you think you don’t know enough about “business,” this book has everything you need to get you started.”

Moira Allen, Author
Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer
Editor, www.Writing-World.com

“ Over the years, I’ve urged dozens of people to buy The Well-Fed Writer for ideas on building a writing business from scratch with no experience and no contacts. Now, I’ll be recommending the sequel as well. Its case studies, small-market business building tips, cold-calling script and myriad resources are unbeatable.”

Marcia Yudkin, Author
6 Steps to Free Publicity (and 10 other books)

“ The writing community has been eagerly awaiting Bowerman’s next book. They won’t be disappointed. This second helping of advice tackles the psychological roadblocks of the business beautifully, and the specific examples of what works (and doesn’t) are excellent.”

Jenna Glatzer, Author
Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer
Editor-in-chief, www.AbsoluteWrite.com

“ This book is enormously needed. As a publisher who hires freelancers, I’ve learned most writers absolutely stink at marketing themselves. The real-life stories and practical checklists will inspire you and keep you moving in the right direction.”

Anne Holland, Publisher
MarketingSherpa Newsletter

“ I absolutely loved this book and couldn’t put it down. If you want to PROFIT handsomely from your writing, get it. Bowerman drives home the point that selling anything – including writing services – is all about relationship building and as such, nothing to fear.”

Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

“ Presenting a smorgasbord of information on how to snag new writing clients, squelch your marketing fears, supercharge your networking plan and further sharpen your professional image, Bowerman offers a tried-and-true recipe for freelance success!”

Bev Walton-Porter, Editor/Publisher, Scribe & Quill

“ If you want to succeed as a freelance writer, buy this book and read it cover to cover. Then read it again. This is the real stuff, told by a great writer and a relentless marketer.”

John Clausen, Editor, www.writingformoney.com; Author
Too Lazy to Work, Too Nervous to Steal:
How to Have a Great Life as a Freelance Writer

“ A feast of practical, down-to-earth advice on running your own writing business – from building your portfolio and getting clients to say ‘Yes’ to transitioning from journalism and academia and running the business in smaller markets. Highly recommended!”

Gary McLaren, Author
The Freelancer’s Guide To Finding Writer’s Markets
Editor, www.WorldwideFreelance.com

“ If writing is a piece of cake but selling gives you indigestion, this is the book for you.”

Jennie L. Phipps, Editor/Publisher

“ This is the smartest, most useful guide to freelance writing I’ve ever read. If you want to turn your words into income, get this book and follow its savvy advice.”

Daniel H. Pink, Author
Free Agent Nation: The Future of Working For Yourself

“ Marketing skills are as important as good writing skills to today’s aspiring freelancer. This book helps writers change their attitudes about selling themselves and their work while providing plenty of specific strategies to crack the lucrative business writing market.”

Kelly James-Enger, Author
Ready, Aim, Specialize! Create your own Writing Specialty and Make More Money

“ Ideas and solutions galore to overcome the most common freelance obstacle: marketing, marketing, marketing! And by helpfully demystifying ‘hidden’ opportunities, this great resource can help both beginners and veterans earn more with better-targeted efforts.”

Lucy V. Parker, Author
How to Start a Home-Based Writing Business

“ Bowerman packs a powerful punch with clear step-by-step methods for earning a six-figure income as a copywriter, even if it’s new territory for you. Jam-packed with valuable tips and insider techniques, it’s an interactive seminar disguised a book.”

Marisa D’Vari, Author
Building Buzz (and four others)

“ Peter Bowerman’s books have what other “how-to-write-for-a-living books” sadly lack – practical, real-world advice on how you can really make it happen.”

Cameron Foote, Author
The Business Side of Creativity
Editor, Creative Business newsletter – www.creativebusiness.com

“ A superb companion to The Well-Fed Writer – especially for moms who want to work from home. As an entrepreneur and at-home mom, I found invaluable information and resources in both books. Thanks for continuing to ease the path to home-employment for moms!”

Tammy Harrison, Independent Creative Representative
Home-Based Working Moms (www.HBWM.com)

“ Offers dozens of proven, easy-to-follow strategies for anyone interesting in thriving as a freelance writer. Bowerman shows exactly how you too can have the same success so many of the readers of The Well-Fed Writer are enjoying.”

Katie Yeakle, Executive Director
American Writers & Artists Institute

“ I’m a huge fan of The Well-Fed Writer. That’s why I’m back for seconds! I love the way Bowerman demystifies sales, marketing and prospecting. This book is just what writers today need to get more and better clients.”

Steve Slaunwhite, Copywriter & Author,
Start & Run a Copywriting Business

“ Most self-employed writers work at home and thus we’ve come to share their needs. Peter Bowerman’s books offer easily digested insights and techniques for making it in today’s changing markets.”

Paul and Sarah Edwards, Authors (16 books)
Working From Home:
Everything You Need to Know About Living and Working Under the Same Roof

“ Bowerman’s book isn’t the usual pie-in-the-sky, ‘tap your inner creative guru’ junk. It’s simple nuts and bolts stuff on how to make money as a writer and keep the ‘free’ out of freelancer.”

Luke Sullivan, Author
Hey Whipple Squeeeze This: A Guide to Creating Great Ads

“ With more companies outsourcing and more people starting freelance careers, this is the essential resource for newbies and pros to be successful and profitable as freelance writers.”

Brian Konradt, Freelancer & Founder

“ Delightful, engaging, humorous and filled with inspiring success stories from readers of The Well-Fed Writer. If you want to have a successful writing business, you need this book.”

Cheryl Demas, Editor, www.WAHM.com
The Online Magazine for Work-at-Home Moms
Author, It's a Jungle Out There and a Zoo in Here:
Run Your Home Business Without Letting it Overrun You


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