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The Well-Fed Writer: Back For Seconds

Table Of Contents


  • New Questions, New Answers
  • Lots Of Ways To Be a “Well-Fed Writer”
  • Hate Marketing? You’ll Love This Book!
  • Like a Pot Luck: Many Dishes, Many Writers
  • A Looser, Richer, Juicier Book

Chapter One
The Mean Menacing Marketing (and “Sales”) Monster

  • Take a Deep Breath and Relax
  • Marketing: What It Is and What It Isn’t
  • You’re In Control of More Than Enough To Succeed
  • The Game Is Already In Progress; Just Learn Your Lines
  • It’s Not Hard To Stand Out, Because Few Are!
  • “Sales”: Bad Experiences, Bad Associations
  • B2B And B2C: The Differences
  • Meet a Need, Make a Sale
  • Lessons From a Former “Love Merchant”
  • Make It Easy For Them To Say Yes
  • Real Sales: A Single-Bullet Assassination Story
  • 11 All-Stars “Sales” Stories: Not What You’d Expect
  • Basic Sales Techniques (That Won’t Sell Your Soul…)

Chapter Two
Into the Mind Of The Marketer

  • We Can Make It Easy, Or We Can Make It Hard...
  • Why Write Anything? (Think Like A 10-Year-Old)
  • Tune Into WIFM (What’s In It For Me?)
  • Sales & Marketing Cornerstones: Learn And Earn
  • Who’s the Audience? (Still the First Question)
  • Features Vs. Benefits (Stop Talking About Yourself...)
  • It’s Not Just Business, It’s Human Nature
  • Thoughts Of Resumes, Releases, Books, Drill Bits and...Love
  • The USP (Every Company Has One ...)
  • “Discovery Questionnaires” Boost Credibility, Reduce Anxiety
  • Are You “Branded”? – The Basics of Standing Out

Chapter Three
Web Sites = Working Smarter

  • Marketing Simplified, Credibility Enhanced
  • The Point: Instant Access To Your Samples
  • What Yours Should Include (Less Is More...)
  • (Don’t) Show Them the Money
  • Understand Your Audience and Stand Out
  • Using Websites To “Direct “ Your Business
  • Top 10 To-Dos for Website Creation
  • The $75 DIY Website: No Catch, No Kidding
  • Third-Party Testimonials: FAR More Than Meets the Eye
  • Dozens of Commercial Writers Show Off Their Sites

Chapter Four
“Let Me Clarify...”

  • Common Myths, Preconceived Notions and FAQ’s
  • How Good a Writer Do You Have To Be?
  • Business Names, Business Plans and Business Cards
  • The Portfolio: Yes, You Need More Than a Few Poems...
  • It’ll Be Easier For Some and That’s Life, Sweetheart...
  • Do I Need Ad Agency Experience To Succeed? (Nope)
  • Would a “Copywriter” By Any Other Name Write As Well?
  • Is a Batman Binder OK for Portfolio? (No Comment)
  • No Sales Experience, No Problem (You Worry Too Much)
  • Magazine Writing Is NOT (Typically) “Well-Fed” Writing
  • Journalists/Academics: “Commercial” = The Dark Side, Right?
  • On-Line Job Sites: Way To Go Or a Waste of Time?
  • $75 An Hour? Me? I’m Not Worthy!
  • Undisciplined Slobs, Rejoice! There Is Hope…
  • How Much For That Brochure in the Window?
  • Is It Still Doable In Six Months? Yes, and...
  • Conflict Of Interest: A Big Hairy Deal?

Chapter Five
Now Entering The Cold-Calling Zone

  • No, Cold Calling Isn’t the ONLY Way...
  • Aluminum Siding, Anyone?
  • “You Might Be an Annoying Telemarketer If You ...”
  • You Care + They Don’t = Phone Phobia
  • “Why Is It So Hard at First?” (Surprising Answer...)
  • Get This and You’ll Remove Most of the Anxiety
  • A Cool Cat Vs. a 2:00 P.M. Desperado
  • Turning Voice Mails into Productive Feelers
  • Lessons from Door-To-Door Book Salesman
  • Common Cold-Calling Concerns, Straight Answers
  • “Everyone I Call Already Has a Freelancer.” Oh, Yeah?
  • The Critical Importance of Critical Mass

Chapter Six
Touching Your Market – By Direct Mail, Email and Fax

  • Direct Mail: Proven Strategy and Resources
  • DM Tips From Industry Pro Avoids Common Mistakes
  • DM Postcard Houses: Fast, Easy, High Quality, Economical
  • FREE Direct Mail Through the USPS?
  • A Novel (and Highly Effective) Direct Mail Approach
  • The ABCs of Email Marketing
  • How a FL FLCW Made Email Her Marketing Centerpiece
  • UK FLCW Blasts 800 Prospects, Qualifies/Quantifies Market
  • Just the Fax, Ma’am: Atlanta FLCW Strikes Gold

Chapter Seven
Dining Off The Beaten Path

  • The Not-For-Profits: Where, Why, Who and How Much
  • Corporate Roads Less Traveled
  • Back To School: Landing Work With Universities
  • The BIG Small-Medium-Sized Market
  • 60 Writing Avenues You Probably Never Thought Of...
  • Jobs Through Expos, Seminars, Coaches & More
  • Writing Work From Events and News Stories

Chapter Eight
Eating Well in Smaller Markets & Rural Areas

  • FYI, Good Advice for ANY Writer in ANY Setting
  • The Basics of Smaller Market Business-Building
  • Prospecting Everywhere: The Best of All Worlds
  • Gulf Coast Gumption: African-American Woman Flourishes in Florida    
  • Heartland Harvest: Iowa Woman Makes It Happen
  • Canada Can-Do: Northern Neighbor Shares Success Tips
  • Tennessee Tenacity: Southern Woman Leaves No Stone Unturned

Chapter Nine
Full-Time Dream, Part-Time Reality

  • The Fundamentals of Part-Time Business-Building
  • How To Build The Biz When You’re a “9-5, M-F” Employee
  • KC FLCW Keeps All the Plates Spinning
  • CA Single Mom FLCW: From Journalism to Copywriting
  • FLCW in Cyprus Offers Killer “Transitioning” Tips

Chapter Ten
The Well-Networked Writer

  • Why Haven’t You Called Your Friends for Work?
  • Keeping the Radar Up (Politely) Over Chips and Dip
  • Crafting “Elevator Speeches” and Verbal Taglines
  • The Curious Psychology of Self-Employment
  • Getting the Most From Your Chamber of Commerce
  • A SERIOUS Networking Organization (Check It Out...)
  • Starting Your Own Writers Group: A Primer…
  • AND Taking the Idea to New Heights of Collaboration
  • IA & CA Groups Share Their Success Formulas

Chapter Eleven
It’s NOT The Economy, Stupid!

  • A Tale Of Physics Class and the Power Of Homework
  • Whatever You Believe Is the Case, You’re Right
  • The Power Of the Diversified Portfolio
  • What We Can Learn From Technical Writers
  • The Usual Suspects Not Delivering? Find New Ones ...
  • Good News About the Foreign Outsourcing Trend
  • NOT “Will It Work?” But “Will You Work It?”

Chapter Twelve
Write Better, Earn More 

  • 10 Tips To Instantly Improve Your Writing
  • Write Like You Talk
  • Lose the Weak Words and Tone
  • Give Your Audience Credit
  • Make Every Word Pull Its Weight
  • Make Your Writing Disappear
  • Cadence Is Everything
  • Start in the Middle
  • $50 Words Cheapen Writing
  • Be a Storyteller
  • Focus On the Reading, Not the Writing
  • The Writers Self-Check List
  • Writing for the Web: A Primer From Boston FLCW

Final Chapter

  • From Small Dreams to Cruise Ship Talks
  • Golden Wisdom From a True Possibility Thinker
  • Self-Esteem Is Earned, NOT Bestowed
  • It’s OK To NOT Know Your Final Destination
  • The Ultimate Power of Step One


Appendix A
The Well-Fed Writer Revisited

  • A Lean, Clean Encapsulation of TWFW

Appendix B
Well-Fed Writer Success Profiles

  • From Book Club Editor to Thriving High-Tech FLCW In Crashing Economy
  • Recent College Grad Carves Unique Research Niche
  • Waco, Texas Ex-Journalist Transitions Successfully
  • Santa Fe Ex-High-Tech Reporter Specializes in Case Studies
  • Wisconsin FLCW Carves Niche in Death Care (Without College Degree)
  • Rhode Island Ex-Salesperson/At-Home Mom Finds Time to Build Thriving Biz
  • Chicago Ex-Agency Copywriter Hits Six Figures for 15 Years Running
  • Philly FLCW, Ex-Magazine Refugee Perseveres & Finds Her Rhythm
  • Seattle Ex-Ad Agency Exec Stays Open, Thrives in Poor Local Economy
  • Massachusetts Ex-Journalist/PR Guy Works Network & Cold-Calls to Build Biz
  • NY City FLCW Writes Copy/Screenplays/Comedy, Thrives Financially
  • Married Writer Duo Choose Small Town Life & Low-Maintenance Clients

Appendix C
A Selected Case Study

  • ABC Security

Appendix D
Well-Fed Business Startup

  • Business Structures
  • Taxes
  • Retirement
  • Insurance

Appendix E

  • Book/Website Resource List

Appendix F

  • The Well-Fed Self-Publisher
  • My SP Saga (and Teaser for Upcoming Book ...)



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