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TWFW: Back For Seconds – Current Amazon Reviews (Excerpted)

A lot of new content for a follow-up book, very useful, November 1, 2004
***** (Five stars) Harold McFarland – Top 50 Reviewer (Florida)
Although it is a follow-up companion to The Well-Fed Writer, this book contains almost entirely new content. If you want to start earning a real living writing then one of the easiest paths is through copywriting. That is the focus of the earlier book and this one. In this book author Peter Bowerman takes a lot of the questions and success stories that were a result of his first book and provides the answers as well as how they did it. Probably the most important part of this work is the detailed information on marketing yourself as a copywriter. The first book gave you all the information on how to succeed at copywriting but was thin on how to market yourself. This book makes up for that deficiency and does an excellent job at it. With both books you have everything you need to start on a career in writing. Back for Seconds is a recommended purchase for anyone looking to make a career or additional income in writing and is an excellent follow-up to the original book.

Fight Hunger with Another Helping, October 25, 2004
***** (Five stars) D.L. Cantwell (Central Washington)
If you read Peter's first book, "The Well-Fed Writer," his second book is a must. It's almost as good as having your own, personal business consultant. The list of web addresses of successful writer sites scattered throughout the book are alone a gold mine of inspiration and motivation. After reading the first book, I realized a lot of his ideas weren't really
achievable for me, the small-town writer. As if feeling my frustration, the second book includes a chapter geared specifically to my situation. His tips for selling your business in a smaller market are simple, yet ingenious.
My only complaint is his persistent promotion of cold calling. I, on the other hand, would rather poke my eye out with a pencil. Peter is obviously convinced the cold call is necessary. However, for those of us who can't muster the confidence, alternate ideas are included. In fact, Peter, thankfully, serves a wide range of marketing ideas. So even the cold-call wimp (like me) can sell her service and stand out from the pack. He has an answer for practically every situation. In fact, I find myself rereading this book and the prequel often. My copies are so full of highlights and notes, they're a testament to my devotion.

I don't personally know Peter, but I feel as if he's a part of my business. He's been with me from the beginning. He's been responsible for close to half my income as a freelance copywriter. And whenever I have a question, his books always seem to have the answer. His books are my bibles. I can't imagine what's left to say, but if he ever comes up with a third book, I'm buying it. Do I gush? Yes. But am I sincere? Absolutely.

Excellent Resource for Freelancers, November 12, 2004
***** (Five stars) Liz Morrison (San Diego, CA)
As a budding freelance marketing writer, I've found both The Well-Fed Writer and Back for Seconds to be invaluable tools. Bowerman's humor, insight and perspective give his readers the encouragement needed to succeed.

Peter Bowerman made me a Believer, November 5, 2004
***** (Five stars) Marnie Hughes (Ontario, Canada)
Although I read "Back for Seconds" in the first two days after receiving it, I am constantly referring back to it (and "The Well Fed Writer") depending on what stage I'm at in developing my freelance writing business. It is a "must have" handbook for anyone wanting to make a successful freelance writing business. My favourite feature of this book is the focus on debunking the marketing and sales myths. Cold calling is not the scary monster I had envisioned. Quite the contrary. I have found the people that I've called to be quite courteous and a joy to speak to. After only a month I am working on two projects with some potential for much more in the future.

Great, no-nonsense advice, October 26, 2004
***** (Five stars) Gina Hannah
In "Back For Seconds," Peter Bowerman explains how you can build a career and lifestyle on your own terms as a freelance commercial writer. In this sequel to "The Well-Fed Writer," Bowerman doesn't offer empty promises, just clear-cut advice that the average person, given the desire and ability to write basic, clear copy, can follow all the way to success. I recommend getting both books and dog-earing them!

Excellent new material - both useful AND motivational, November 1, 2004
***** (Five stars) J. Kelly (Houston, TX)
After reading the first book, The Well-Fed Writer, I became convinced the material in this book could help me start my own commercial writing business. I've been a freelance technical writer and editor for years, but never thought I could do more with my skills. Now I've started my own business, based on the advice Mr. Bowerman gave in TWFW. One month in and I've already got some work from a new client. Back for Seconds is completely new material, with a small summary appendix of the first book. I've recommended both books to 3 colleagues (2 writers, 1 artist) who feel the same way I do: Mr. Bowerman has done a great job in showing us how to start a business and find work... plain and simple. Absolutely loved the Appendix items with real-life stories and the Appendix E is worth the cost of the book (to me) just for the resource material.

Feast on the Bounty of Information in Back for Seconds!, October 27, 2004
***** (Five stars) Mary Anne Donovan (Rochester, NY)
(Former full time freelancer, now an adjunct English professor, teaching courses in writing and literature, and Chief Editor of Writer Online, an ezine devoted to writers and lovers of writing)

I only have one complaint about Peter Bowerman's new book, The Well-Fed Writer: Back for Seconds, and that is, where was it when I was freelancing full time? Bowerman's book is a treasure trove on many levels. First is that it contains specific instructions and strategies on what to do as a freelance commercial writer (FLCW), and we're talking step-by-step. He breaks it down so that the dreaded marketing and sales, the bane of us writers, become quite doable. Insisting that the secret to success in this business is in the numbers, Bowerman even offers a script for the cold call (telephone), as well as advice on how to get to the copywriting decision maker. Another feature we writers find particularly useful are the stories, testimonials, and advice of fellow FLCWers, which encourage a "well if he/she can do it, so can I" attitude. He does a superb job of debunking the myths around marketing, and breaks the process down into sizeable, palatable chunks that we writers can chew on, and actually swallow. The verdict is in: if you are in the FLCW business, or any freelance business for that matter, buy this book! It will become a well worn and trusted friend that you will keep handy at all times!

This is different, October 26, 2004
***** (Five stars) Christopher Wondra (St. Croix Falls, WI)
You will not find a more complete set of step by step instructions about how to do this. But that's not the cool thing about "The Well Fed Writer: Back For Seconds."

The refreshing thing about "Back for Seconds" is its accessibility. While there are many helpful books on the market for freelance copywriters starting or building their business's, none speak so clearly to the little guy as Bowerman's does. When you read a copywriting how-to book, you expect the author have had some success in the business. You might even expect the author to have some level of expertise. And it is here that the author must separate him or herself from the reader. This is where "Back for Seconds" is different. The real people (like us) who have figured out how to succeed in this business are inspiring. They speak directly to us, in their own words, about overcoming the unique challenges in this business. The examples, techniques and tips come from all walks of life, from professionals who have successfully transitioned into the life of a freelance copywriter, to the kid who dropped out of college and built it from scratch. When I read this book, I never thought, "Well if Peter Bowerman can do it, then I can do it." I thought, "If all these dozens of people can do it, gosh darn it, so can I."

A great guide to eating well, October 25, 2004
***** (Five stars) Chris Haddad (Seattle, WA)
Peter Bowerman's first book - the Well Fed Writer - is what convinced me to get out of the rat race and go off on my own in the first place. It was full of practical advice, trade secrets and real world anecdotes showing that making it as a freelance copywriter wasn't as hard a proposition as I'd originally thought. "Back for Seconds" expands beautifully on the foundation laid by "The Well Fed Writer." Now both of Bowerman's books sit on a shelf by my desk, ready to be grabbed and referenced at a moment's notice. Whether you're a fresh-faced wordsmith right out of college, or an old horse copywriter in your twentieth year of business, I really can't recommend "Back for Seconds" enough. if "The Well Fed Writer" changed my life, "Back for Seconds" made it better. www.haddadink.com

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