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The “Write” Way to Retire?

Love to write? Good at it? Looking for the ideal pre- or post-retirement career? Why not check out “commercial” freelancing – writing for businesses (brochures, ads, newsletters, web sites, etc.), and for hourly rates of $50-125+.

According to one expert, the field has many of the very attributes the 55+ crowd looks for: it’s lucrative, flexible, and mentally challenging. Is there really a need? “Absolutely,” says Peter Bowerman, veteran commercial writer and author of the quadruple-award-winning how-to "standard" on the subject, The Well-Fed Writer. “Downsizing and outsourcing in businesses of all sizes has translated to a strong demand for good, reliable, talented freelancers to help pick up the slack.”

For a full-length article on how a dozen 55+’ers across North America are making it happen as commercial freelancers, visit www.wellfedwriter.com (“Attn: 55+” link).

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